Imagine feeling total freedom to sing with and play the harmonium...

...even with your eyes closed!

I invite you to befriend your harmonium and unlock its possibilities to accompany you on your journey of spiritual evolution.

We’ll take a journey together as fellow yogis, yoga teachers and kirtan lovers in order to understand the fundamentals of playing the harmonium so that you can experience freedom in playing, singing, sharing, expressing yourself and meditating with the harmonium as your companion. 

This is a unique 4 week online course – which uses my “6 Core Chord method” to unlock the whole keyboard. 

This program is for anyone who has ever had a wish to play the harmonium or who wants to embark on a journey of a deeper exploration of sound, mantra and kirtan. 

Easily Bring the joy and depth of sacred sound to your daily spiritual practice...

What is Harmonium Freedom?

Meet your Guide: Daisy Bowman

You will gain freedom and confidence in:

Designed as a 4 week course with daily practice material

  • How you can use the harmonium as a profound meditative accompaniment from day 1.

  • How to open and close a yoga class with invocation and mantra.

  • The Basic anatomy of the harmonium & troubleshooting

  • What to practice & How to master the basics

  • The 6 core chord system © – a foundation to unlock the whole keyboard

  • How to play without distracting stickers & sheets of paper falling everywhere

  • How to find any chord without your notebook to hand (giving you freedom to play spontaneously when the occasion arises)

  • Finding your authentic voice and expression with the support of the harmonium

  • Mantras as a meditative practice, invocation (i.e in yoga classes), and of course:

  • KIRTAN! 3-4 beautiful kirtans which you can play, sing and share

Course features


    * The process is broken down into digestible chunks that you can integrate. This means that you don’t have to worry about “what” to practice, only to commit to the practice itself.


    * We will support each other throughout the course – and keep one another accountable for progress.


    * So that you can revisit the material at any time after the course and consolidate what you have learnt.


What Harmonium Freedom Students Say:

A beautiful course: Learn the power of Ommmmmm

Miriam Wahl - Yoga Teacher

The Harmonium Course with Daisy was a very beautiful and helpful experience to get in touch with the harmonium and my own voice. Within four weeks I learned how to play 4 mantras, how to use the harmonium for a yoga class, and how to use the harmonium for my own practice. The support of Daisy and the group during the course was very kind, enriching and empowering.

A thorough introduction to the joy of chanting with the harmonium

Stuart Taylor

This course is full of methods that allow the student to get thoroughly acquainted with the harmonium keyboard. It's hard to believe how deep it goes in only four weeks

Perfect For Yoga Teachers!

Noelia Gomez

After this online Harmonium Course I am able to play Mantras with my Harmonium. I must say I am not a Musician but since I joined this training I chant joyfully and more confident. I have a better relationship with my voice, I can play Harmonium in my Yoga Classes now and this allows my students going deeper in a Meditation state, released and connected! Thanks 🙏🏽 Daisy.


  • PRINTABLE HANDBOOK: A Harmonium Shaped PDF Document, To accompany the video material.

  • 3 PART RHYTHM WORKSHOP: The backbone of playing and sharing music with others

  • COMPOSITION CLASS: so that you can express your original music with total authenticity

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  • Why is this structured as a four week course?

    Its one thing to sign up for a course - and quite another thing to finish one!

    I really wanted to create a roadmap course - even better a GPS course which actually guides you step by step from where you are to where you want to go.

    This means getting there in a timely fashion also! So this course is designed in such a way that you can develop a good daily practice routine which is manageble and most importantly enjoyable!

    I recommend that you go at the speed suggested, as the material gets more challenging. It also builds upon that which has been learned the day before.

  • I have no musical experience, is this course right for me?

    I have designed this course specifically for those without musical experience. Although I had a classical musical training, I realised that what is required for playing kirtan, hold space with sound in a meditative setting, or lead a mantra confidently is actually very definable and furthermore learnable.

    I have devised a system for non musical learners which will allow you to have a stable foundation in chords, rhythm and melody without being able to read music. This also applies if you have musical experience but are unfamiliar with the piano keyboard.

    The process is designed to come directly to the heart and not dwell on the technical aspects more than is necessary. However it aims to give you a good foundation if you wish to pursue the technical aspects further!

  • Is there a refund policy?

    I want to give you the chance to get to know my teaching style and see if it is a good fit for you. Therefore I am offering a 7 day risk free period. If you are not 100% happy with the value of the course, then I will return 100% of your payment within 7 days as long as the course has not been over 50% completed or accessed.

Free tutorial

Still not sure whether the course is right for you?

Why not take 15 minutes to learn the Gayatri mantra with me in this tutorial I made! The first part is just to have a go and play along with – the second part breaks down each section so you can learn it. If you find it really easy and perhaps are able to sing this and play this with your eyes closed after a couple of tries, it’s a sign that this course will be too basic for. If you find it difficult, then the course will offer a step by step route to bring us to this level and understand everything on the way!

Free tutorial with Daisy

Take 15 minutes to get to know my teaching style

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